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Meet the Teacher: Princeville Primary’s Wahida Parveen

6th March 2019

THIS week’s featured teacher in the Bradford for Teaching’s Meet the Teacher series is Wahida Parveen, who teaches at Princeville Primary School in Lidget Green.

Hi Wahida, what made you decide to be a teacher?

“Having worked as a teaching assistant, cover supervisor and higher level teaching assistant, I had experienced the difference that educators make to children’s lives.

“My headteacher in the school where I worked saw the passion I had for teaching in the primary sector. With her support, and after great encouragement and support from those around me, I successfully went on to complete and achieve a First Class Honours Degree in Supporting and Managing Learning in Education.

“I wanted to make a difference and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.”

What is your proudest achievement since you have been teaching?

“Working with children who have diverse needs and knowing that I have played a part in helping them all achieve, I have to say is my proudest achievement.

“Watching children grow as individuals and instilling values such as being kind, honest and respectful I feel have helped my students become better people.”

What is the most challenging aspect to teaching?

“All teachers face different challenges at different points in their careers. Whether that is marking and feedback for pupils, workload, planning a completely new unit of work, adhering to new policies and practices, managing challenging behaviour or dealing with difficult parents – as a teacher you must remember that with every hardship comes opportunity.

“Learning from these challenges is what makes us better at what we do.”

Who was your favourite teacher and why when you were at school?

“My favourite teacher at school was Mrs Cunningham; she was amazing! Not only did she help me discover a love for art, she inspired me to become a great teacher.

“Her ability to shape talent, motivate students and engage individuals to learn was stimulating. She helped build my confidence and self-esteem when I faced difficulties and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her hard work.”

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into teaching?

“Ask yourself: do I have the passion and determination to make a difference to the lives of children? Am I willing to work hard to help children achieve and be the best they can be?

“If you want to get into teaching, you must enjoy working as part of a team as well as using your own initiative to achieve set objectives.”

What do you do for fun in the school holidays?

“In the holidays, I thoroughly enjoy spending quality time with my daughter.

“We enjoy shopping, cooking and visiting new places together. She is a massive Harry Potter fan so our next visit will definitely be to Harry Potter World which I am really looking forward to.”

Tell us about the funniest thing that has happened to you as a teacher?

“At our school we have children in year six who are selected to be ‘Buddies’.

“As their class teacher, I thought I’d be helpful at the end of the term and take home their tabards and hats and wash them.

“When I emptied my washing machine it wasn’t just their tabards that got cleaned; the pens, stickers, notebooks and other items got a thorough wash too!

“Note to self; empty all pockets before washing, especially if it belongs to a child!”

What qualities do you look for in a good teacher?

“A good teacher has the ability to build positive relationships with students, showing that they genuinely care.

“Providing students with fun, engaging and memorable learning experiences should be at the heart of teaching.

“As a teacher, you must be prepared to learn and develop as a professional. Despite working in education for 13 years, I still believe I have so much to learn and give back.”

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