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Maths Vision


Our vision is that:


All children will succeed in Maths, with an ‘I can’ attitude.

Maths is meaningful, relevant, valuable and above all, enjoyable.

All adults and children will have high expectations for learning. 

Children are inquisitive and have a thirst for knowledge in Maths. 

There is an awareness of the importance and relevance of Maths to daily lives.

Links are identified and made within Maths and across the curriculum.

Children see that making mistakes is an important part of the learning       process in Maths.

Children develop resilience in Maths.

Children openly talk about and explain their reasoning using appropriate mathematical vocabulary.


Our Maths Calculation Policy





Parent Leaflets

Year 1 – Letter to Parents

Year 2 – Letter to Parents

Year 3 – Letter to Parents

Year 4 – Letter to Parents

Year 5 – Letter to Parents

Year 6 – Letter to Parents


Maths Long Term Plan

Maths Long Term Plan

List of Maths Apps & Websites


Bamboo Paper

Pieces Basic

Pattern Shapes

Number Lines

Colour Tiles


Base 10 Blocks

Linking Cubes

Pattern Blocks

Fraction Manipulation

Algebra Tiles

Pencil Box




BBC Bitesize Maths KS2 A great website full of quizzes, games, activities and explanations for you to explore at home. Suitable for KS2 pupils (Yr 3-6)



Maths Dictionary for Kids A fantastic website with definitions and explanations. Great for Year 6 revision too!



BBC Bitesize Website KS1 A great resource for KS1 pupils (Yr 1/2) to help develop maths through games, activities, quizzes and explanations.


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