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The Governing Body

What is it?

The governing body is a group of people made up of parents, staff, LA rep and members of the local community. The body supports the leadership of the school. Governors are motivated by a commitment to the children, and work to make sure they get the best out of their time. The role is voluntary and not paid.

Princeville Governing Body

Princeville’s governing body strive to work with our dedicated and hard working management, to ensure that as a school our vision and strategic direction remain focused on achieving the very best and highest standard for all our children.  They do this by supporting all within the school whilst relentlessly critiquing every aspect of governance from the schools policy and procedures to the focus points for improvement. They regularly meet as a FGB as well as Committees; governors also have specific dedicated responsibilities and named roles for each year group which they perform to their best to ensure the performance of each and every department within the school.

There are different types of governors:

Parent representative (two places) are elected by parents

Local Authority representative (one place) is appointed by Local Authority

Co-Opted governors representative (6 places) are appointed by the governing body

Staff governor representative (one place) is elected by staff

The Headteacher (one place) is always a member of the governing body

Associate members (two) are appointed by the governing body

Theme Specific Meetings

Governors meet once a month to review and discuss key governance priorities in themed reviews.

School Development

Here governors critique all activities pertaining to curriculum, learning and development, to ensure every child is progressing and that the learning environment is sufficiently challenging for all.


Governors are responsible for ensuring successful recruitment, retention and deployment of staff to best effect for outcomes for children. They also ensure that finances are spent appropriately, whilst fiscal responsibility remains with the school.  It is this focused meetings directive to recommend and finalise all elements relating to spending, for approval by the FGB.

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