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Coffee & Tea Mornings

Dear Parent/ Carer

I would like to provide an opportunity for you to contribute your views, I would like to invite you to the following Tea and Coffee mornings. There will also be opportunities for feedback, for you to ask any questions.

However if you are unable to attend any of these meetings, you are welcome to make an appointment to see me at a convenient time to yourself.

It would be really great to see        


Yours sincerely,                                                                      

Mr R Lewis

Head Teacher


2017 – 2018

Held in the School Hall

 Date  Time
19th September 2017 9am  

Everyone is welcome, please come along and join us for a chat and share your ideas/views/feedback.


We really value your feedback,

as this will benefit your children.

16th November 2017 9am
26th January 2018 9am
20th March 2018 3pm
17th May 2018 3pm
3rd  July 2018 9am



Governor’s Tea/Coffee Mornings


School Dining Hall Thursday 5th October 2017 9am
School Dining Hall Thursday 1st February 2018 9am
School Dining Hall Wednesday 9th May 2018 9am









 2016 – 2017



2016 – 2017

Meet the Headteacher

       Meet the School Governors

Friday             21st October       08:45am               Friday 11th November               8:45am
Friday            9th December     08:45am
Wednesday      05th  April        08:45am              Friday  26th May                         8:45am
Tuesday               16th May        08:45am
Friday                   7th  July         08:45am


Yours sincerely,

Mr R Lewis

Head Teacher


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