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Community Classes

                                             2016-17 Courses


New Community Classes held at  Princeville Children’s Centre



Coming soon –

please register your name with school

IT Skills Course

1:00 pm

3:00 pm





9:00 am


11:00 am



This year we will be hosting  workshops in our Children’s Centre such as Family Links, Sewing, ESOL classes.  Dates will be on this page shortly.


If you are interested in joining any of our classes, please contact the school for further details or call into the school office.


Please look out for further classes starting shortly.






Meet the Headteacher

       Meet the School Governors

Friday             06 November    08:45am               Wednesday   09 December       8:45am
Wednesday   02 December    08:45am
Wednesday   20 January         08:45am               Wednesday   10 February         8:45am
Wednesday   09 March           08:45am
Wednesday   04 May               08:45am               Wednesday   20 April                 8:45am
Wednesday   13 July                08:45am


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